CSF 2020 Toyota GR Supra (A90) Heat Exchanger

CSF 2020 Toyota GR Supra (A90) Heat Exchanger

CSF 2020 Toyota GR Supra (A90) Heat Exchanger now available to order. We're excited for this great bolt-on cooling upgrade! Since its release it has been prone to see high water temps, especially on a track environment. After months of testing on track and in the dyno environment, here is what CSF with partners have brought us. 

How the Charge Cooling System Works

Because of CSF’s industry-leading reputation and deep knowledge of high-performance BMW cooling systems, its engineers immediately knew what had to be fixed in order to maximize and maintain consistent performance with the B58 engine. The engine is very similar to the S55 in the latest F8X M3/M4 – both feature a liquid-to-air charge cooler mounted on the top of the engine, along with a front mount heat exchanger (water radiator) that first cools the fluid that then cycles through the charge cooler, dissipating heat from the charge air before it enters the engine.

The difference is that the B58 liquid-to-air charge cooler is integrated into the intake manifold, rather than being a stand-alone unit that can be easily replaced (like in the F8X S55 variant). Because the charge cooler is built into the manifold, it’s extremely difficult to replace with a high-performance solution, with currently no aftermarket support available. The only solution to keeping intake air temperatures in control on a modified or track-ready Supra is to upgrade with the CSF Front Mount Heat Exchanger.

he CSF Advantage – Proven Performance

OEM 25mm 1-Row Core with Crimped Plastic Endtanks vs. CSF 42mm 2-Row Core with CSF’s Exclusive B-Tube Technology (100% TIG-Welded All-Aluminum Design)

Left: OEM rock guard & transmission cooler vs. right: the CSF improved design, included billet transmission cooler mounts, and metal rock guard with improved airflow characteristics. CSF is the only company to include a rock guard and incorporate OEM transmission cooler mounting points for a true plug-and-play “drop-in” fit (minor trimming to OEM plastic transmission cooler mounting is required to accommodate the additional capacity design of the CSF High-Performance Heat Exchanger).

Before releasing this product, as CSF does with all new products, we made several prototypes and worked with some of the best race car teams, tuners, and experts in the industry to help with testing to ensure perfect fitment as well as extensive performance validation.


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