HGT Precision Gearboxes Authorized Dealer

HGT Precision Gearboxes Authorized Dealer

Proud to announce we are now a HGT Precision Gearbox Authorized Dealer. HGT I-Pattern sequential gearboxes are available in 4,5 & 6 speed options. HGT boxes can be found in some of the worlds top performing race machines to daily/week warrior vehicles. We will be utilizing the 5spd sequential in our 2jz powered Nissan Sivlia S15, with a product and install video to follow, so please keep in touch with our website. If you would like more product info please feel free to email us.

Orders - You may order on our website HERE or Email us Sales@QuickstyleMotorsports.com

Financing - Upto $10,000 usd, APPLY HERE

Build time - 3 to 4 week production! While some companies take 8-20 weeks, and some even longer to deliver your gearbox. We know that you’ve taken time to think through the gearbox investment, and when you’re ready to order, you want it now! We’ve designed our supply chain so that we can generally ship within 3 weeks of receiving your deposit – you’ll find that hard to beat in the market place.

Shipping - International and domestic shipping ok

Gear Box Info: Straight Cut and Diamond Ground to DIN5/6 standard for maximum efficiency and even load distribution across the gear teeth. Constant mesh dog engagement for shifts as quick as 40 milli-seconds. Probably the worlds quietest straight cut geared, sequentially shifted, dog engaged gearbox, with almost none of the whine traditionally associated with this industry race standard. You’ll be amazed how quiet this gearbox is (as in totally street-able) and just how cool it runs.

  • Where we use aluminum alloy, we’ve chosen the highest grade possible - 7075 T6.

  • We have choice in the different formats of raw alloy, we’ve chosen the best - heat-treated billet.

  • Where we could have saved money by sandcasting our gearbox
    cases, we chose CNC milling of Billet 7075-T6.

  • Where we could have saved money- buying steel from low cost mills in Asia, we elected to use premium steel from high quality mills in Europe
  • Where we could have saved money on cheap bearings and sensors from low cost countries, we chose to source global brand components from Japanese, British and European manufacturers actually made in Japan, England and Europe

    All components in our gearboxes
    are made on either German or USA premium quality manufacturing equipment in an ISO 9001 accredited
    factory. We’ve paid attention to the details because that’s what racers expect; as to finish first...first you must finish.

    Yes, you’ll probably be able to buy a cheaper sequential gearbox, however when we set up HGT Precision, our mission was NOT to build the world’s lowest priced gearbox, it was to build the best gearbox in the market. As such; we challenge you to find the same level of quality, performance and finish that we have engineered into our products, at the pricing levels we provide. The HGT Precision brand is founded on the proposition of “ultimate quality products at reasonable prices”.

BILLET 7075-T6 CNC CASE - gearbox casings are CNC’d from billet 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. Whilst it’s an expensive material and process, it’s the strongest alloy available and is the industry standard for many aerospace and military applications. 7075-T6 alloy is as strong as many steels with tensile strength of 78,000 PSI. The strength and rigidity of a gearbox casing is crucial for gear performance, so we elected not to compromise performance by choosing a cheaper more flexible material and process.HGT precision transmission

GEARSOur Swiss designed straight cut gearsare not hobbed like many other brands; rather they are continuously diamond ground to achieve a super fine DIN 5-> 6 finish. We have benchmarked competitors and found some with DIN ratings as high as 12 (higher numbers = lower quality). International DIN ratings relate to the uniformity of the surface and overall concentricity with 5-6 being considered outstanding. To put this in perspective, F1 gears are finished to DIN 4, so we are in great company at DIN 5->6. Our superior DIN rating

SELECTOR FORKS - Along with every other component in our gearbox, there are no inferior cast, or pressed parts. Our selector forks are made on a 5 axis CNC machine from billet steel. Once cut precisely, the forks are hardened to withstand the rigor and vigor of moving the dog rings precisely in milliseconds.


The HGT Precision shift lever is a work of art with smooth flowing lines, massive strength and
a finish quality that amplifies the components that have gone into producing it. CNC machines carve our shift levers from Billet 7075-T6 alloy with the base plate machined from 6061-T6 billet. Simply put; this shifter will take all you can throw at it....and then some. The shift lever pivot point is critical, so rather than using brass bushes like some, we press in cylindrical roller bearings to both sides of the pivot on a generously sized stainless steel main shaft, ensuring there is no slop in the shift setup and that that the shifter will last for years to come. The resulting zero slop greatly assists the ease and consistency of flat shift trigger/strain gauge set-
ups. The shifter is anodized in natural silver for a premium finish and we close off the sides of the shifter with carbon fibre panels for clean, strong aesthetics.

Given that tunnel heights are different from car to car, and that the shift lever height needs
of circuit, rally & drift racers are unique, and that drivers have ergonomic preferences, we’ve developed a number of options to suit most situations. Our hand finished ergonomic detachable black shift knobs are seamlessly secured onto your shift lever of choice with 4 height options:

• 390 mm above the bottom of base plate (Shift Cut Knob) • 399 mm above the bottom of base plate (Standard)
• 374 mm above the bottom of the base plate (Short)
• 344 mm above the bottom of the base plate (Super Short)

hgt precision transmission

Because each car is different and each driver has a unique a seating position, we provide our Shift Lever setup as a remote fit. This means you get the shift lever exactly where you want it. You simply cut the supplied solid alloy shift rod to length, right hand tap one end (we’ve already tapped the left hand thread end) and secure the connecting/adjustment rod to the shift shaft with the supplied rod ends.

Reverse engagement is built into the main shift lever with a Lockout and Lock-in system. Reverse is engaged by first selecting neutral, depressing the clutch, pushing the Lock-out mechanism and then squeezing the reverse trigger lever with your first two fingers. The supplied cable and fittings do the work with the gearbox to engage reverse gear...just release the clutch and you’re backing up.

We currently have two options for shift lever lateral positioning – Center Tunnel and a Right of Tunnel offset.



Our HGT Shift Cut Knob has a zero point analogue output of 2.5v and is built with a full bridge system for fine adjustability and super accuracy. The output signal can be fed directly into your Flat Shift capable ECU and doesn’t need any other type of amplifier or signal modifier. It fits perfectly to our HGT Shifters or can be supplied as a generic fit to other

brands of shifters with an M12 stud male attachment (supplied). It has standard deflection of 20kgs and uses an input voltage of 12V nominal (6- 24v). Zero balance is +/- 1% of RO with Linearity

and Repeatability being +/- 0.025% of RO. The knob is supplied with 1m of wiring to enable easy fitment.

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HGT gearboxes are capable of quick shifting, flat shifting and paddle shift. For quick shifts it’s just a slight lift and depression on the accelerator to unload the gear train and allow the dogs to disengage. A firm brisk pull on the shift lever then moves the gearbox into the next gear with no clutch depression. For downshifts, a quick stab on the clutch as

you move the shift lever forward is all that’s required. Our boxes come flat shift ready, that’s wide open throttle, no clutch shifts - just keep pulling the gear lever back till you hit top gear – simply the fastest way to shift gear with shift cut times as low as 38 milli-seconds. There are two types of flat shift – closed and open loop. For long term reliability of your gearbox, we only recommend closed loop flat shifting, so talk to us about this before ordering, as your ECU needs to have this function built in. Our Shift Cut Knob option handles the flat shifting duties with ease.

We have MOTEC and Geartronics Paddle Shift compatibility with the brackets we can supply, to allow easy fitting of these two manufacturers actuators.


All HGT gearboxes come equipped with a reluctor wheel mounted to the output flange at no extra charge. With the addition of our HGT bracket and Honeywell GT101 sensor that we supply as accessories, you can run speed- referenced boost, launch control, traction control via an enabled ECU, or a speedometer.


Our display comes in a custom made billet CNC alloy casing that won’t crack or deteriorate over time. The casing is anodized in flat black with
a bright blue LED display ensuring you always know which gear you’re in. A dimmer input  
wire is provided for night racing along with the harness and connectors. There’s no messing around with voltmeters trying to calibrate the display – they come from our factory setup and ready to run. You can be sure the display will read right every time as there’s a quality British sensor driving the readout. Yes we could have saved quite a few dollars by sourcing a cheap sensor, using a plastic housing and a budget display from a low cost country, but we figured that as this is the only visual output from the gearbox; you’d want it to work right every time.


Our splined output shaft has a press fitted flange drilled to accept a 1350 Series Slip Yoke or Yoke (we supply both with all hardware to bolt up). The output flange has a built in reluctor wheel ready to accept a 101 Motorsport sensor (we supply the sensor and the custom bracket) allowing you to run a Speedometer or Speed Referenced Boost, Launch Control, Traction Control etc via your ECU.


Power will always find the weakest link in the system. Some gearbox suppliers recommend or supply a slip yoke from a 4WD pickup truck, some tell you to go to your local wrecker to find what you can, and others may simply  tell you “you’re on your own”. At HGT we’ve made sure we have specified the right piece of equipment to perform at race rpm’s and race torque loadings over the long haul. It pointless to be let down in your fight for race championship points all because a cheap used linkage failed. The HGT output flange is setup to take a 1350 series Yoke in the case of a two-piece drive shaft; and a 1350 series Slip Yoke in the case of a one-piece drive shaft (we supply both). The 1350 standard has the right level of strength, RPM capability and durability for the torque loadings our gearboxes are rated for.


We have a range of input shafts to suit most applications

• Toyota 14 spline • Toyota 21 spline • Mazda 23 spline • Nissan 24 spline • GM 26 spline

• Others by custom order (extra charges may apply)


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6 Speed: 38kg. 5 Speed: 34kg. 4 Speed: 29kg.


Our gearboxes come standard with a GM Muncie pattern on the front mount, however we have a range bell houses to suit most popular race engines. Whilst some say that “any old bell-house will work” or “I will buy one from my local guy – he’s cheap and cheerful”; the bell house is one of the most critical parts in the whole drivetrain setup.

The front and rear facing plates must be 100% parallel, centres must be perfectly aligned, and boltholes must be drilled in exactly the right position and at exactly the right angle. Many so called “gearbox problems” are actually the result of a poorly built, machined or drilled bell housings. Misalignment of just 10 microns can be sufficient to cause premature bearing failure or abnormal shaft or internal wear. It’s simply not worth trying to “save a little” when there’s a sizable gearbox investment at stake.

All HGT Precision bell houses are built to handle race loadings, are aligned perfectly and have the drillings in exactly the right place to make installation simple.

We currently have bolt up custom Bell House solutions for:

  • Toyota 1JZ, 2JZ, 1UZ, 3UZ

  • Nissan SR20, RB20, RB25, RB26, RB30, VQ35, VR38

  • Mazda Series 6 Rotary (rear mount starter motor)

  • GM LS OEM setup, 168 tooth ring gear, front mount starter motor, for 11”/12” clutch

  • GM LS Race setup, cover mounted 110 tooth ring gear, rear mounted starter motor, for 7.25 or 5.5” clutch

  • GM–SBC

  • Ford Coyote

  • BMW Inline 6 M50, V8 M60, M62, S62, S65, V10 S85

  • Honda K20/24 RWD orientation



We have developed our own HGT Precision clutch release bearing purpose built for our gearboxes. It is CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 alloy components and fits perfectly. The bearing comes with AN3 hydraulic line fittings, and a set of shims to allow for perfect adjustment. Its finished in anodized black with our brand proudly embossed into the casing. The system is designed to be self-adjusting with the free play taken up regardless of clutch wear. This ensures both immediate clutch actuation for rapid and consistent down shifts as well maintaining a consistent pedal feel at all times.


We provide our own branded solution with oil
catch can, auto drain back to the gearbox, filter/breather, dash fittings and oil line to provide easy fitment of a must have breather.


HGT Precision gearboxes use an external oil pump. We recommend you purchase a Tilton Pump Part #40-524 from your local agent or Summit Racing online or a Siemens VDO Pump Part# 405 040001001


We can provide a gearbox stand, which makes maintenance of the gearbox a little easier whilst the gearbox is being disassembled and reassembled. Its not totally necessary but does make life in the workshop easier.


• 100mm bearing/gear puller
• 75mm bearing/gear puller
• Flange puller (HGT custom made product) • Torque wrench
• Electric heat gun
• Cap screw wrenches


At Quickstyle Motorsports & HGT we know that when you need parts you need them ASAP, so we keep solid inventory of all parts used in our gearboxes – that’s over 350 parts guaranteed to be in stock at HGT, we will do our best to keep some inventory here – our commitment to customers. We ship parts by FEDEX, DHL or EMS for security, tracking and fast delivery, with your parts in the courier’s hands within 24 hours of receiving payment – usually the same day.


We are available 6 days per week for our customers via a phone call to our service center if urgent, or if not so urgent an email which will be answered within 24-48 hours. We and will provide as much help and assistance as we can remotely, and are usually able to talk customers through any challenges they may face. Our Gearboxes are serviceable within your country and don’t need to be shipped back to our factory for repairs or maintenance.


This is a motorsport gearbox and whilst our products are built to perform, we have no way of knowing how customers will treat or service this fine piece of equipment. Naturally we stand behind our products and will put things right if there’s an issue with materials or workmanship, but with race products, as is the industry practice, there is no guarantee provided or implied.

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