Logistic Service updates due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Logistic Service updates due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Service updates due to COVID-19 Outbreak

DHL Temporary Service Adjustments 

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FEDEX Service updates 

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We are sharing public knowledge in regards with the two major logistic carriers we have utilized since 2006 when Quickstyle first started exporting out of Yamaguchi, Japan to countries globally. You may know us for quality performance products, but we are much more! We're logistics experts at the core and understand the importance of your order in our supply chain management from the time the order is placed to the date or arrival at your residence or place of business. 2020 was exceptionally challenging, moving small to large scale freight shipments to numerous countries in efforts to support you the best way possible. All while negotiation and doing our best to keeping deliverables & cost at the forefront. 


Major factors are out of control unfortunately, but with close relations with carriers going on two decades we are able to keep freight moving! Pickup & wait times have been longer than normal and airspace constraints are ongoing battles which were almost non existent in the past as we could regularly ship to you within 2-7days, is now taking much longer. We've share public updates from the major carriers in the links at top of this blog.

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Your order is extremely important to us, our entire team from order processing to the warehouse worker packaging your item(s) are moving as fast as possible along side the manufacturing efforts with dozens of small business in Japan also affected by the Pandemic. JDM special brand manufacturers are running with limited staff at high capacity & doing their best to keep with these high demands, limited goods and a slower supply chain receiving raw material to create your masterpiece. We thank you all for your business and patience during these times, we hope this blog was insightful to the backend challenges and how we are continuously adapting to best serve you. Happy new year & thank you! 

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