Mike Power, 23 years young from Long Island NY. Began drifting in 2016 locally at Englishtown, New Jersey Raceway Park and other local tracks just a few states away. My first car is the one you see below and has gone through a few different phases as my driving ability has progressed. I chose the S13 getting into drifting because it was known to be an iconic drift car, parts are easily accessible, affordable and easy to setup.This chassis also seemed to be the best option for people getting their start in drifting. I was lucky enough to have a close friend local to me selling his fairly clean 240sx with some minor front damage and an already swapped sr20, so I thought it was a perfect platform for me to get my feet wet. My s13 has gone through some very extensive transformations over the years, but it has proven itself to be a very reliable and competitive chassis and I couldn't be more proud of the little 240 that could! Racing and motorsports has taught me a lot about myself and cars. How I can keep focused and strive to surpass the goals that I set each year, as well as keeping my knowledge about these cars sharp so that I can adapt to new surroundings and harder challenges. Flash forward to 2019 season, I completely re-worked the entire car from the base chassis up with a 700+ hp 2JZ motor as my plans were to compete in the Formula Drift PRO Competitions known as "Shoot Outs" now on the East & West Coast. 2019 Season proved itself to be very difficult but rewarding, earning my Formula Drift PRO2 License going into 2020! The help & support from my family, friends and sponsors means everything to me & want to thank everyone involved with my program! 2020 is going to be another extremely busy, challenging and fun year as I undertake my new S15 build (videos to come, so make sure to Subscribe to the newsletter) and new level of competition traveling the USA doing what I love! I hope to see you at the events!

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Quickstyle Motorsports | Work Wheels | Fuel Injector Clinic | Thorn Industries | Setrab USA | Factory83 | Phenix Industries | S-Chassis

VEHICLE SPEC - Parts support & supplied by Quickstyle Motorsports

Engine & Performance:

2JZ-VVTI  with New OEM 2JZ GTE block

GSC S1 Cams,

Full Ferrea valvetrain

Garrett GTX3584RS Gen-2 Turbine

Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc Injectors

Thorn Industries R35 coil pack conversion

Hypertune Billet Valve Covers

Plazmaman Intake Manifold

Radium 10gal Fuel Cell

Griffin dual pass rear mounted radiator with Spal fans


Future Fab twin scroll exhaust manifold, 4” oval exhaust

Performance Electronics:

AEM Infinity 6 ECU, ECU Masters PMU16, ECU Masters ADU5 dash display, ECU Masters 12 position Can Keyboard, RAD Industries self-exciting alternator


Andrews A431 4speed dog box, Winters Quickchange differential, 3.5” aluminum driveshaft, Driveshaft Shop 1000HP axles

Wheels & Tires: 

Work Wheels Japan T5R Matte Graphite

17x9j +38 Front 

18x9.5j +12 Rear 

Achilles 123S 255/35/17 Front 

Achilles 123S 255/35/18 Rear


Wilwood 4 piston front brakes 

Wilwood dual piston rear brakes for foot and handbrake 

Wilwood hats and rotors front and rear 

Wilwood hanging clutch and brake pedal assembly

Chassis & Suspension: 

Tubed front and rear chassis with FD Pro2 spec cage 

Wisefab suspension arms front and rear 

Stance XR3 coilovers with custom specs 

Bink Industries multilink front sway bar


Origin Lab racing line kit 

Origin Lab 55mm fenders front and rear 

Plastics4Performance window kit 

Ganador mirrors


OEM Silvia brick headlights with D-max clear corner lights 

D-max LED taillights


HGK fiberglass dashboard 

Woodward collapsible steering column

OMP 330mm steering wheel 

OMP HTE-R 400 seats 

Schroth Racing harness for driver and passenger  


s13 ORIGIN BODY KIT, Quickstyle motorsports

S13 drifting, 2JZ Drifting, crazy drifting

Photo Credit: Connor Croak, Robert Goodwin, Mario Johnston, Mark Brooks

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