NAPREC 1JZ-2JZ Oil Pan Baffle Kit

NAPREC 1JZ-2JZ Oil Pan Baffle Kit

NAPREC new release of offset prevention oil pan baffle plate for 1JZ & 2JZ!

New release of 1JZ and 2JZ offset prevention additional oil pan baffle plate!
Additional oil pan baffle for JZX90, 100, 110 series 1JZ and Aristo series 2JZ engines.

A baffle plate that makes it difficult for air suction problems to occur due to uneven engine oil when driving on a circuit.
It is easy to install by simply stacking it on top of the genuine baffle plate. (Some vehicles require the stud bolts to be removed)

naprec 1jz oil pan baffle kit

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The image above shows only the normal baffle. The image below shows the state where our offset prevention additional baffle plate is attached.

naprec 1jz 2jz oil pan baffle

1jz engine for sale, naprec japan

 Caution * This product is an auxiliary part only. It is not a product that completely eliminates engine troubles due to lack of oil. Make sure to manage the engine oil before use. (Cannot be attached to the Supra and Soarer rear reservoir oil pans.)

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