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If you're a Nissan S-Chassis fan, driver, owner, lover or maybe moved on it is safe to say we all have a spot for the styling characteristics of the Nissan Silvia S15. 

Patrick came to use earlier in the year with his plans and vision of his newest build for his S15. Once everything was aligned we were thrilled to be able to support his special order Kazama Promode-SS kit direct from Japan. We teamed up with Patrick in order for him to share his story and passion of automobiles here with us and all of you. We hope you enjoy it!

Kazama Auto Aero & Accessories Available here


Words from Patrick

Cars for me didn't really click until my mid teens. The bug caught likely with the first few Fast and Furious movies, but Tokyo Drift sticks out as the big winner. I even have a soft spot for the Fortune FD, I'll build one someday. Here is a photo in previous form before the Kazama Aero Build. 
Picked up my Kazama Kit and heading back to the shop! FINALLY we're ready to get started, thank you Quickstyle Motorsports! 
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But, Mona Lisa. Like a moth to flame I discovered the last iteration of the S chassis lineage. I was hooked. I couldnt get my hands on one, but my eyes kept searching and I have built a few dozen personal builds now. Ranging from S13, S14 to a rocketbunny miata and even an RB swapped Z32. 
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 I've worked with exotics and somehow through networking drove a twin turbo gallardo my shop had built in Fast 8. It was supposed to be decor, but the director fell in love and I dont blame him. Through that event, I met a now good friend from the pacific northwest.
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I remember the realization when he said he owned Mona. The Mona. I jokingly told him if he ever wanted to sell, to call me. Earlier this year my phone rang. Money was wired end of the week.
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She came busted up pretty bad. The car had seen its share of use and aggressive ownership. But I had been discussing aero for years as I had previously owned another S15 at this point. It all aligned, after multiple inquiries with Matt from Quickstyle and doing my research, it was the next step. I had the kit ordered same day as I wired for Mona.
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I solely rebuilt this car. Mechanically and cosmetically she is rebirthed it into this next version. 
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KAZAMA promode SS kit
Redesigned stock Spec R wing with center delete.
Volk wheels powdered in Audi silver with jet black lips and barrels. Custom milled and converted to 3 piece.
PBM lug nuts
Rebuilt, refreshed SR20.
Custom brides with Ferrari silver backs.
Michelin tires.
Full adjustable suspension front and rear, various brands 
PBM coilovers.
Smoked LED taillights.
Wheels 18x11.5 +0××18x12.5 +12
Tires 255/35/18××285/35/18
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