Vemac RD320R Super GT300 Avanzza Bomex 666 to USA

Vemac RD320R Super GT300 Avanzza Bomex 666 to USA

Where do we begin with this one! We were approached late 2017 by a long time business friend Donald Jackson, Owner of Pinku Style n Misawa, Japan. Donald informed us a friend of his was at a dead end road with over 2 dozen other importers trying to bid on the Auction for the Vemac & handle all logistics to land legally in the USA. Having the knowledge & support for this type of transaction we accepted and begin working immediately for the buyer in Maryland as there wasn't much time to waste! 

Below we'll recap in a few short photos from winning the auction on behalf of our client, all logistics within Japan to USA, NHTSA Approval, & most importantly delivery to the new owner. 

Japan Auction offered much written details but we were still a little left in the dark. Some auction photos helped to imagine just what remained of the Famous Vemac RD320R. Photo from auction listing.


Auction Photos left much room for imagination! 

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After securing the auction and winning the final bid down to the last minutes we prepped the roll back truck for the 24hr round trip journey to pick up the vehicle. 

vemac rd320r, tokyo r&d

Arrived at the Vemac's location finally! Getting the rig ready to back up and pull the racing legend from what seemed to be its coffin.

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 Winching the non-running Vemac from storage and loaded onto the rollback.

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Spare American Racing Wheels and parts were picked up from the yard & storage and loaded.

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Getting the Vemac Loaded for the 12+ hour road trip back to the shop.

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Inspecting for any loose items before hitting the Sanyo Expressway.

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The Vemac RD320R is the first major race car from Vemac, a small Japanese team that has competed with mixed success in GT300. Tokyo R&D responsible for the the Vemac's complete transformation from street car to GT300 Spec Full race machine. Tokyo R&D is located just outside of Tokyo, Japan but does mention the build out for this machine on their current website, only the stamp on the chassis confirms the true origins. 


VEMAC Car Company Serial # Authenticity 


Now the car has been booked and prepped for 20' container shipment into a port on the East Coast, USA. Picking the car up from the break bulk & freight warehouse in the USA after being NHTSA Approved. This was the true moment seeing it here in the USA!! Surreal for sure knowing some of the famous drivers who have piloted it in years prior, just an honor to be standing next to it.

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Walk around inspection and packing slip signed off on, lets get it loaded up!

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Off to the new owner! 

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Landed in the hands of the owner! Equally as exciting for us, it was amazing to see the the owner in the seat and see his new GT300 car in person for the first time!

gt300, quickstyle motorsports, vemac

Test Fit! 

Meeting the new owner & getting to know his knowledge and racing history was very impressive. Mike is a true car & racing enthusiast, he knew every detail of the vehicle from production to its last track day! We're honored to have supported this import process for his dream car from start to finish. Thank you Mike!

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A true piece of racing history! Vemac RD320R Super GT300 Avanzza Bomex #666. A true to honor to have been apart of such a transaction and racing history!

vemac rd320r, bomex 666, tokyo r&d

Another Glory Shot!

vemac rd320r, vemac japan, tokyo r&d, GT300 2007, bomex 666 gt car


SEE MORE FROM INFORMATION & PHOTO's from Jalopnik write up on their website. 


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