Wiseco BoostLine Connecting Rod Kits New Release

Wiseco BoostLine Connecting Rod Kits New Release

Wiseco BoostLine Connecting Rod Kits New Release

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BoostLine connecting rods are designed from the ground up for high-power forced induction and nitrous applications. The patented, three-pocket design, forged from premium 4340 steel, maximizes strength while minimizing rotating weight. This revolutionary design dramatically improves the rod’s big-end stability under tensile loads and provides a 60-percent improvement in bending strength and a 20-percent stress reduction in tension compared to H-beam designs. All of these benefits make BoostLine rods ideal for high cylinder-pressure engine combinations.

In addition to BoostLine’s innovative design, comprehensive real-world testing, finite element analysis, and meticulous quality control ensure that all BoostLine rods are fit for 2,000+ horsepower (8-cylinder applications). All BoostLine rods include high-quality ARP 2000 bolts, with optional ARP 625+ bolts available for import applications. Every rod is inspected and finish-honed in America in addition to being analyzed on a Zeiss CMM as part of the final inspection. A detailed inspection report measuring to .0001-inch is provided with every set of BoostLine


boostline connecting rods

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