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QUAIFE Universal Modular Inline 5 / 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox With Drop Gears (6-Speed Option) - Quickstyle Motorsports
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QUAIFE Universal Modular Inline 5 / 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox With Drop Gears (6-Speed Option)

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The QBM5M is a heavy duty inline sequential gearbox available in 5-speed or 6-speed, with a highly versatile drop gear ratio set to achieve the perfect ratio set by simply changing two gears under a quickly removable rear cover. No more time-wasting in the pits changing differentials to achieve that extra top speed or acceleration. This huge leap forward in our new design will revolutionise the affordable gearbox market around the world, but we didn’t stop there!

Not only has the QBM5M got a drop gear pair on the back, we’ve also found room for a multitude of updates including:

• Built in oil pump for additional cooling
• Built in air actuator which can be used in conjunction with:
• Quick change gear lever
• Neutral interlock solenoid to avoid messy cables
• Built in shift cut sensor for flat shift systems
• Rotary gear position indicator and optional digital display
• Oil temperature sensor
• Choice of 5 or 6 speed ratios
• Fixed Atlas output flange
• 85mm shaft centres

This top of the range Quaife gearbox still fits the same Ford-based bell housings that its QBE60G predecessor does, and is packaged in our latest design of split cases designed with our instantly recognised ribbed LM25 alloy construction.
Its heavy duty design and 85mm shaft centres lends itself to the toughest of racing disciplines and is rated to 500bhp.

All of this is designed by our in-house design team and manufactured in its entirety in our two Kent, UK factories.

Gear Ratios

6-Speed Base Set

  1st        2nd      3rd        4th       5th       6th

2.057   1.694   1.333   1.150   1.000   0.889
2.240   1.840   1.482   1.260   1.104   1.000

Drop Gear Ratios

Set A    Set B    Set C    Set D    Set E
1.200    1.111    1.040    1.350    1.500



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