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PERGEA 08RS - Tread-wear 160, valino tire usa, cheap drift tires, racing tires, best tires, used tires
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PERGEA 08RS - Tread-wear 160

Achieve the highest grip

・ D1 GP at 20 ° C to 30 ° C, FORMULA DRIFT JAPAN Participating vehicles, etc. For ultra-high performance machine front and rear over 800 HP. 
・ D1 Lights, drift kingdom participation vehicles, etc., for the front of a 600 hp over car such as tourer type or 2JZ equipped car. 
・ For the front and rear of a 450 hp over vehicle such as a wet road surface with a road surface temperature of 20 ° C to 30 ° C, D1 rights, and a drift kingdom participation vehicle. 
-Consider the traction and strength of the high performance machine.

The compound that the Pergea 08RS has is amazing. It allows its drivers to have great control and consistent grip under extreme conditions. The innovative design it has doesn’t just aid in long lasting tire life, but also has great handling on wet surfaces.

Tires ship direct and take 2-5days to most USA address. $15 - $18 per tire or large pallet shipments available via LTL freight. Please email below for LTL shipping quote.

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