Logistical Support


Our Staff has over 18years logistic experience from domestic, international, government, export & import processing. Bilingual in English & Japanese. 

  • We offer below services for both vehicle and parts logistical support with delivery capabilities to over 300 countries of destination. 
  • Staff in USA & JAPAN

International Shipping Support (Parts & Vehicles)

  • Providing international small package & freight forwarding for all products listed on our website
  • Small packages refer to items such as; Steering wheels, Shifters etc
  • Large packages refer to items such as; Wheels, Suspension kits, Body Kits, Fenders, Seats, Pallets etc
  • Door to Door Service & Insured (residential & commercial)
  • Air Freight Deliver time - Most destinations 3-12business days
  • Container 20ft & 40ft delivery time 35-45 days depending on destination

Below Are Examples of direct shipment Products/Sizes to give you an estimate (these are not final quotes)

  • Estimate Auto Fenders Front or Rear Sets: $175 - $275 to most destinations
  • Estimate Auto Hoods/Bonnets 1ea: $450-$750 to most destinations
  • Estimate Full Body Kits Box: $650-$1250 to most destinations
  • Complete address must be provided in order to provide accurate shipping rate/quote. 

Arrangement for land transportation (within Japan)

  • We arrange land transportation from the auction site, private seller, vehicle shop within Japan to our yard where the vehicle will be stored until booking date or we can deliver direct to the port from seller in Japan. 


  • We complete booking reservations for your vehicle or goods to be transported internationally from Japan. Vehicle or goods will be prepared/packaged/delivered to the port in Japan. We prepare all export & Import documents for shipments to the USA only. If your destination is outside of the USA we ask you prepare your own customs broker. If you need support outside the USA for customs/entry document procurement please email us. 

Container Banning

  • Experienced staff carefully packages & vans your luggage into 20ft or 40ft container. We provide the most tailored packaging requirements for each individual product or goods customer has requested.