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Mine's GTR Triple Flow Cam Cover Baffle Plates - Quickstyle Motorsports
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Mine's GTR Triple Flow Cam Cover Baffle Plates

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Mine's GTR Triple Flow Cam Cover Baffle Plates

During a sport run, oil is accumulated in an oil catch tank with blow-by gas and the amount of oil in an engine is decreased accordingly.
This could possibly lead to serious troubles such as engine troubles due to the shortage of the amount of oil required. This problem soon becomes very apparent over time. At Mine's, from the time of the sale of the R32 series, the time attack was repeated on the circuit and we fought with time & blow-by oil.
As a result of repeating trial and error we succeeded in decreasing the amount of spouting oil dramatically without depending on larger adjustments and reexamination of each part clearance of an engine (that leads to keep oils in an engine) , etc.
It was on Mine's R34 GT-R that details were refined even further.
By making slight adjustments to this product it has enabled us install it to normal cam cover. Of course every type of R32s, R33s, and R34s can have this part installed. The implementation was complete.


for BNR32 / BCNR33 / BNR34

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