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QUAIFE Nissan Skyline R32-34 GTR 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox - Quickstyle Motorsports
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QUAIFE Nissan Skyline R32-34 GTR 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox

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QBE91G is a heavy duty six-speed sequential gearbox for the popular Nissan Skyline R32-34 GTR models. Incorporating a Nissan RB26DETT compatible bellhousing and the same 90mm shaft centre design of the proven QBE69G heavy duty gearbox allows the unit to be rated to 750bhp.

Technical highlights include a drum type sequential gearchange system, allied to an open face dog design on both gear and drive disc, producing a positive, ultrafast gearshift. A bespoke rear casing allows the standard Nissan transfer to be fitted, making the QBE91G a direct replacement for the standard box.

Offering a choice of straight-cut (spur) or helical gear ratios (including overdrive options), Quaife allows customers a wide scope for optimising the QBE91G unit to suit their individual requirements.

Key features of the QBE91G Nissan Skyline R32-34 GTR heavy duty six-speed sequential gearbox include:-

• Sequential engagement with straight-cut or helical gears, rated to 750bhp

• Ultra fast gearshift with drum type sequential gearchange mechanism

• Nissan RB26DETT bellhousing available from stock – adaptor kits available for many other vehicles, please call

• Digital gear position indicator available

• Uses standard transfer (not supplied)

• Input uses Toyota 1JZ clutch spline for push clutch setup

Gear Ratios (Spur)

   1st      2nd     3rd      4th     5th     6th

2.435  1.858  1.494  1.268  1.116  1.000  Spur (1:1)

2.759  2.050  1.565                                       Spur (1:1)


2.435  1.858  1.494  1.217  1.000  0.870  Spur (o/d)

2.759  2.050  1.565                                       Spur (o/d)


2.063  1.687  1.357  1.151  1.000  0.901  Spur (o/d)

2.211                                                    0.868  Spur (o/d)

                                                               0.790 Spur (o/d)


2.653  1.745  1.306  1.000  0.850  0.762  Spur (2o/d)


Gear Ratios (Helical)

  1st      2nd     3rd      4th     5th     6th

2.719  1.994  1.524  1.208  1.000  0.858  Helical (o/d)



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