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QUAIFE Porsche 6-Speed Sequential Transaxle Gearbox - Quickstyle Motorsports
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QUAIFE Porsche 6-Speed Sequential Transaxle Gearbox

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A joint development between Quaife and Porsche specialist Parr UK, QBE85G is an uprated direct replacement for the factory 997 sequential gearbox. Designed to ensure the optimum blend of performance and ease of installation, race testing has proven that the QBE85G offers exceptional durability compared to its Porsche equivalent.

The QBE85G six-speed sequential transaxle features a large 85mm shaft centre configuration and straight-cut gears, capable of transmitting up to 450bhp. A Porsche Motorsport plate type limited-slip differential is supplied as standard and the unit is lubricated via an internal oil pump that reuses the stock Porsche 997 heat exchanger, which bolts directly to the Quaife QBE85G gearbox. Quaife’s use of a hypoid crownwheel and pinion ensures maximum strength and minimum gear noise from the QBE85G’s final drive.

The bellhousing design is integrated into the main gearbox casing to suit 996 / 997 / RSR fitment and for use in 997 models, the original Porsche clutch and flywheel are retained. QBE85G is fully compatible with the OEM Porsche 997 motorsport electronics and Porsche wiring loom, avoiding any issues with internal displays or the flatshift ignition cut-off switch.

QBE85G can also be retro fitted to Porsche 996 models (with heat exchanger) – additional parts are required for the installation.

Key features of the Quaife QBE85G Porsche 997 six-speed sequential transaxle gearbox include:

• Major critical dimensions as per Porsche 997 sequential gearbox

• Straight cut gears with sequential dog engagement

• 85mm shaft centres to handle up to 450bhp

• Hypoid crownwheel & pinion

• Porsche Motorsport plate type limited slip differential supplied

• Optional paddle shift system available

Porsche (standard) - 72Kg
Quaife 85G - 70Kg

This is the dry weight less oil cooler.

Gear Ratios

  1st      2nd     3rd      4th     5th     6th
3.167  2.133  1.722  1.421  1.150   0.964   Porsche Base
3.167  2.133  1.722  1.421  1.130   0.929   Porsche Opt. A
2.692  2.000  1.647  1.400  1.200   1.040   Quaife Base
2.692  2.000  1.647  1.350  1.130   0.964   Quaife Opt. A
2.692  2.000  1.647  1.350  1.130   0.929   Quaife Opt. B
3.545  2.615  2.000  1.647  1.400   1.200   Rally Set

Final Drive Ratios

3.750    4.000



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