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Stance Suspension XR3 - Quickstyle Motorsports
Stance Suspension XR3 - Quickstyle Motorsports
Stance Suspension XR3 - Quickstyle Motorsports
Stance Suspension XR3 - Quickstyle Motorsports
Stance Suspension XR3 - Quickstyle Motorsports
Stance Suspension XR3 - Quickstyle Motorsports
Stance Suspension XR3 - Quickstyle Motorsports
Stance Suspension XR3 - Quickstyle Motorsports
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Stance Suspension XR3

Regular price $3,700.00



RS-X DC5 ST-DC5-XR3 10KG / 150mm 14KG / 150mm
S2000 AP1 ST-AP1-XR3 11KG / 200mm 9KG / 150mm
Genesis Coupe BK ST-BK-XR3 7KG / 175mm 8KG / 175mm
G35 RWD Z33 ST-Z33-XR3 12KG / 200mm 8KG / 175mm
G37 RWD Z34 ST-Z34-XR3 13KG / 200mm 8KG / 175mm
RX-7 FC3S ST-FC3S-XR3 9KG / 200mm 7KG / 200mm
FD3S 93-96 ST-FD3S-XR3 12KG / 200mm 12KG / 200mm

Evolution VII/VIII/IX

CT9A ST-CT9A-XR3 9KG / 200mm 10KG / 200mm
Evolution X CZ4A ST-CZ4A-XR3 10KG / 200mm 8KG / 200mm
240SX S13 ST-S13-XR3 8KG / 175mm 6KG / 200mm
S14 95-98 ST-S14-XR3 8KG / 175mm 6KG / 200mm
Z Z33 ST-Z33-XR3 12KG / 200mm 8KG / 175mm
Z34 09+ ST-Z34-XR3 13KG / 200mm 8KG / 175mm
FR-S ZN6 ST-ZN6-XR3 7KG / 150mm 8KG / 150mm
Impreza GC6/8 ST-GC8-XR3 8KG / 175mm 6KG / 200mm
Impreza WRX GDB ST-GDB-XR3 10KG / 175mm 7KG / 200mm
Impreza STI GDB/STI ST-GDBSTI-XR3 10KG / 175mm 7KG / 200mm
Impreza STI GRF ST-GRF-XR3 10KG / 200mm 9KG / 175mm
Impressa WRX GRB ST-GRBWRX-XR3 10KG / 200mm 9KG / 175mm

C O I L O V E R   C O M P O N E N T S

Camber Plate

Available on vehicles with strut type suspension. Camber adjustment is incorporated into the top plate allowing up to 4 degrees of adjustment. The pillowball bearing allows for precise feel and bind free operation.

Easy Install

Our coilovers are tested on each and every application to guarantee a perfect fit for your vehicle.  Everything from wheel clearances to ride height adjustment is taken into account during the design process to make sure you experience a hassle free install of your new Stance coilovers.



The Stance damping adjuster knob, or “Clicker”, is designed to offer an easy and convenient way to adjust the damping of your coilover. Our heavy-duty adjuster gives a very positive “click” for each of the 16 levels of adjustment, making it easy to keep track of your personalized settings.


Digressive Damping

Digressive valving produces high damping forces at low shaft velocities & softer damping forces at high shaft velocities. Low speed damping gives better control of the chassis movement & provides quicker feedback to the driver, enhancing overall feel & confidence on the road & track. Digressive high speed valving profile blows off big bumps forces for smooth response, giving optimal chassis balance for maximum grip.


Large Range

Our piston has been developed to deliver a large range yet responsive adjustments. Even with this large adjustment range, each click is even and precise to provide excellent fine tuning ability. Winning races has taught us that compliance is key, even for competition setups. Our know how allowed us to fine tune the valving balance providing you the ability to go from compliant & forgiving to firm & responsive with just a few clicks of the knob.

Compression Adjustment

Compression adjustment is used to control vehicle dynamics over bumps. If your vehicle is getting unsettled over certain bumps, you can soften the compression to absorb the bumps, keeping the vehicle more stable. You can also control the dive or pitch of the car with compression adjustment. This can be very useful to dial in the turn-in and exit behavior on the track.

Inverted Monotube

Originally designed for use in professional motorsports, inverted monotube technology has many advantages over upright monotube dampers.  Our 45mm strut shaft offers increased lateral rigidity over competitor’s upright dampers that use 20mm shafts.  If the shaft is not stiff enough it can cause the damper to bind under heavy loads and limit the suspension travel – leading to premature wear on the shaft seals & piston bands, causing oil leakage. STANCE inverted monotube dampers offer exceptional ride comfort without sacrificing performance.

Piston Rod

Chromoly steel STANCE piston rods have been heat treated, chrome plated and machined to precise tolerances providing consistent reliable performance.

Monotube Damper

STANCE monotube dampers offer larger oil capacity and a superior piston diameter compared to a twin-tube design. In our monotube dampers, the oil and charged nitrogen are separated by a free floating piston, which minimizes aeration and fade. These features allow for greater heat dissipation, fade resistance and consistent damping force.

Dust Boot & Bump Stop

Rubber Dust Boots are designed to protect the piston shaft from road contaminants.

– –

Rubber Bump Stops are utilized on all STANCE dampers to improve ride comfort and protect the damper from bottoming out.

L O W E R   B R A C K E T S

Durable Coating

XR1 uses Electrodeposition polymer coating engineered specifically for our coilovers.  Damper cases go through additional zinc phosphate pre treatment before our special formulated coating to deliver the ultimate corrosion protection.  New and improved coating has exceeded 1000+ hrs of salt spray test, making it our most durable coating!

Adjustable Lower Bracket

Offered on strut-type applications, CAD-designed brackets are reinforced to withstand the most rigorous loads for racing. Height can be adjusted separately from the spring without sacrificing damper stroke.

Aluminum Lower Bracket

Offered on multi-link suspension.  CAD-designed aluminum brackets are lighter than steel, reducing unsprung weight.  Height can be adjusted separately from the spring without sacrificing damper stroke.

Aluminum Locking Collars & Spring Seat

CAD-designed locking collars and seat are designed to be durable and reliable.

A C C E S S O R I E S   &   O P T I O N S

Adjustment Extensions

Extensions provide easy access to adjustment knob in applications where the dampers are installed at hard to reach places.

Swift Springs

SWIFT Springs are made from a proprietary steel alloy called HS5.TW. They are light, consistent, and offer large amount of stroke.

Click for more information. 

Helper Springs

The helper spring allows the shock piston to be placed in the optimal position within the shock body, increasing rebound stroke, and maximizing articulation on cars with minimum suspension travel.

Click for more information. 

Thrust Roller Bearing Spring Seat

Compared to radial bearings that are designed to support radial loads only, the thrust bearings are designed to handle heavy axial loads and reduce spring stiction and noise. When radial bearings are used to support axial load, it can lead to deflection and housing distortion caused by shock or heavy loads. Thrust bearing allows the spring to operate with less friction results in a more active feel and provides increased grip. Our bearing seats are sealed for maximum durability.

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