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Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits
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Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits

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Tilton 102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits

102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits feature a family of matched components to offer the highest level of performance and reliability. Designed for applications that require a compact bellhousing for maximum ground clearance, rear-mount starter, small diameter flywheel, and a 5.5” clutch.

Typical Applications

  • Trans Am (TA/TA2)
  • GT1
  • Late Model
  • Super Late Models
  • Asphalt Modifieds

102T 5.5″ Bellhousing Kits include:


  • Rigid aluminum rear-mount starter bellhousing designed to resist flexing
  • Compact design provides increase ground clearance and exhaust header clearance. Distance from centerline of crankshaft to bottom of bellhousing is only 4.7”
  • Accepts transmissions with Chevy 4-bolt mounting pattern and 4.68” register diameter
  • Blueprinted for parallelism and concentricity
  • Weighs 12.5 lbs

Clutch-Flywheel Assembly

  • OT-III 5.5” metallic or carbon/carbon clutch. 3-disc and 4-disc options
  • Billet steel 102-tooth (8.64”) flywheel
  • 26-spline clutch disc pack
  • Aircraft-grade clutch bolts
  • High-strength ARP flywheel bolts

Hydraulic Release Bearing

  • 5300-Series hydraulic release bearing
  • 38mm contact diameter bearing
  • 4-bolt bellhousing mounted

Super Starter

  • 40000-Series 3.0HP high-torque gear reduction mini starter
  • Rear-mounts on bellhousing


Includes: bellhousing, flywheel, clutch, disc pack, hydraulic release bearing, Super Starter and related hardware.


  Description Part Number
Chevy Early 5.5" 2-disc metallic clutch 52-31120
5.5" 3-dsic metallic clutch 52-31130
5.5" 4-disc metallic clutch 52-31140
5.5" 3-disc carbon clutch 52-31230
5.5" 4-disc carbon clutch 52-31240
Chevy Crate 5.5" 2-disc metallic clutch 52-41120
5.5" 3-disc metallic clutch 52-41130
Chevy LS 5.5" 2-disc metallic clutch 52-33120
5.5" 3-disc metallic clutch 52-33130
5.5" 4-disc metallic clutch 52-33140
5.5" 3-disc carbon clutch 52-33230
5.5" 4-disc carbon clutch 52-33240
Ford Small Block 5.5" 2-disc metallic clutch 52-32120
5.5" 3-disc metallic clutch 52-32130
5.5" 4-disc metallic clutch 52-32140
5.5" 3-disc carbon clutch 52-32230
5.5" 4-disc carbon clutch 52-32240

*For use with 1/4″ mid-plate between engine and bellhousing, such as Asphalt Modifieds.


Note: All packages are designed for use with transmissions that have a Chevy bolt pattern and a 1 5/32″ X 26 spline input shaft.



Description Part Number
Chevy, aluminum 52-601
Ford, aluminum 52-602



Description Part Number
Chevy Early, 102-tooth 51-651
Chevy Crate, 102-tooth, balanced 51-604
Chevy LS, 102-tooth 51-659
Ford, 102-tooth 51-653

Clutches and Disc Packs

Description Part Number
Clutch, 5.5” 2-disc metallic 67-002HG
Disc pack, 2 discs, 26-spline 64140-9-AA-36
Clutch, 5.5” 3-disc metallic 67-003HG
Disc pack, 3-disc, 26-spline 64140-9-ABA-36
Clutch , 5.5” 4-Disc metallic 67-004HG
Disc pack 4-discs, 26-spline 64140-9-ACCC-36
Clutch, 5.5” 3-disc carbon 6553HSG-S
Clutch, 5.5” 4-disc carbon 6554HSG-S

Hydraulic Release Bearing

Clutch Part Number
5.5” 2-disc metallic clutch 60-5370
5.5” 3-disc metallic clutch 60-5340
5.5” 4-disc metallic clutch 60-5310
5.5” 3-disc carbon clutch 60-5330
HRB, 5.5” 4-disc carbon clutch 60-5300

Super Starter

Descriptions Part Number
Super Starter, bellhousing mount 54-41062

Bolt Kits

Descriptions Part Number
Clutch bolt kit, 5.5” 2-disc metallic 95-002-5
Clutch bolt kit, 5.5” 3-disc metallic 95-003-5
Clutch bolt kit, 5.5” 4-disc metallic 95-004-5
Clutch bolt kit, 5.5” 3-disc carbon 95-061
Clutch bolt kit, 5.5” 4-disc carbon 95-060
Flywheel bolt kit, Chevy Early & Ford 95-952-6
Flywheel bolt kit, Chevy LS 95-940-6
Flywheel bolt kit, Chevy Crate 95-975-6

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